Background to this project
The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor “2009 Report on Social Entrepreneurship” revealed that the participation in social entrepreneurship activity in Europe is higher in people aged between 18 and 35 than any other age. As the EU youth unemployment rate currently rests at 23% growing youth participation in social enterprise could not only present a viable solution to this issue but also have a far broader impact on European societies.

elyse logoThrough their work with young people aged 16-30 the team know that:
• Leading a social venture is a powerful personal development experience
• An early experience of social entrepreneurship can generate a longer-term interest in social action.
• Young people bring a distinctive and valued approach to engaging their peers in projects.
• Young social entrepreneurship has potential to create significant economic and social benefits.

The objective of the project:
This project will use the existing knowledge that each partner and stakeholder already have and will then create a European understanding of how to best provide practical social entrepreneurial experiences to young people. The objective of the project is to produce a report for practitioners defining the best ways to inspire, educate and support young social entrepreneurs.